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    Living in the 21st century means you will encounter more than a few “independent ladies” while you’re out on the prowl.

    We’re not talking about the stereotypical feminists here. The modern feminist can simply be a working woman who pays her own bills and doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy.

    Enter you, the lucky guy who is thrilled at the prospect of a non-clingy girlfriend. Not so fast. While the notion of the sexy feminist isn’t completely false, you need to be aware of those pesky feminist demands that even the most independent of women is expecting you to ignore. Why don’t women just tell you what they want, you ask? Silly rabbit, then they wouldn’t be women!

    Read more to find out the feminist demands you should ignore, from “modern feminist women.” Yep. Also for gems like “no matter how independent women get, there will always be that part of them that wants to be treated like an old-fashioned lady, whether that means letting her take the backseat in some decision-making or complimenting her on the hot new dress she bought. Sound contradictory to you? Well, that’s because it is. Women are a complete contradiction in terms and that’s one thing they’re likely never to evolve out of — like men and leaving the toilet seat up. We all have our crosses to bear.”

    Reading this actually made me feel physically ill.

    4. “I can think for myself!”

    Chances are your woman isn’t a meek Stepford-wife type, leaving every important quandary at your feet to solve. Modern women think for themselves — but you already knew that. While your girlfriend wants you to value her opinions, there are times when she just wants you to take the reins. Even the highest-powered executive wants to come home to a man who already thought ahead for their dinner plans without any needed input from her. Indecisiveness, like a comb-over, is never attractive.


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      hey guys who fancies throwing up in their mouth today?
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      Leaving aside everything else wrong with this shittastic article: there’s a big difference between appreciating...
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      Let me rant about what’s wrong with this article. The whole concept is offending of course. But let’s break it down into...
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      If you don’t balk at this article, reevaluate yourself.
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      i want to kill everything.
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      Reblogged for Ronintary.
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      holy shit. so feminists want men to think for them, open doors for them, objectify them, consider them unable to pay for...
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      WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????
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      “Plumber is under P in the phone book, right?” Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Fuck this.
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      1. “I can carry my own bag: Don’t assume that your girlfriend can’t do something on her own — do assume that she would...
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      Fuck Fox News. Fuck this article. I don’t even … the tone is so incredibly condescending. How is this considered...
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      This post confuses meh.
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      fuck all of this shit and the people who wrote it.
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      You know….after reading just number 4, I’m quite positive I don’t need to ruin my very long day by reading the rest of...
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      Part of this is okay. Like yes, we do like it when men are polite. And the parts are just disgustingly misogynistic.
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      What in all the ever loving Picards…? Why didn’t Fox just rename this “Women: they’re just lying bitchez, so don’t...
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      I’m sure just as many men play mind games as women. Not saying what you actually want isn’t really a woman thing, it’s a...
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      That’s exactly the part I was saying I think is stupid. But to be fair, I do know A LOT of women who don’t say what they...
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      Oh, Fox News. You never fail to come off as the reject step-child of the real news world.
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      Posted this on fb with a comment saying I wanted to find the guy that wrote this and puke on him and punch him in the...
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      there are no words to describe how much i fucking loathe fox news.
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      you have got to be joking omfg how does one even oh my god this is really ridiculous
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      Is it really possible for any woman to read fox news/be a republican and still value herself as a woman?
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      So many things wrong with this. SO MANY THINGS.
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      ^ i second that. also, why is this under “men’s health?” i just can’t.
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